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Rustic Handmade TV Stand/ Coffee Table/ - Many Sizes

Rustic Handmade TV Stand/ Coffee Table/ - Many Sizes


Rustic Wooden TV Stand


Crates/ Storage/ Racks and Cabinets and everything else are crafted all by hand and can have the boards painted one of many colours we have in the variations!

The Boards are all PAINTED and not the actually wood (Light Oak, Dark Oak) These are all wood stains and not the actually type of wood.

Size-1= Length- 60CM Width-35CM Height-35CM

Size-2= Length- 70CM Width-35CM Height-35CM

Size-3= Length- 80CM Width-35CM Height-35CM
Size-4= Length- 90CM Width-35CM Height-35CM
Size-5= Length- 100CM Width-35CM Height-35CM
Size-6= Length- 110CM Width-35CM Height-35CM

Size-7= Length- 120CM Width-35CM Height-35CM



Retro look of the wood grain will vary as it is all done by hand.


For more information about our company and to contact us quickly please visit:

Item will be dispatched within 2-3 days after the payment, and should take 3-5 week days to arrive.
We send all our parcels via Yodel Direct

Only PayPal is accepted by our company, and all other payment methods will not be accepted.

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